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"You simply can't find a more charming, creative, tasteful, professional, and reliable florist in New York City. Elizabeth has that extra something special with all of her clients, and always goes the extra mile because she loves what she does."

- - -

"Liz has been my go-to florist since around 2006. At first I happened to use her simply because she was my 'neighborhood florist' and very well-reviewed but upon seeing the quality of her work, I have been fully committed, since. Since then, Liz has taken excellent care with a deep personal interest in every one of my requests.

Over the years, these requests have been about 80% gifted to other people for weddings, anniversaries, births, birthdays, celebrations and condolences. In almost all cases, the recipients of the flowers have specifically cited how much better Liz's flowers were versus any others they have received in the past.

The other 20% of my requests have been flowers I have sent to my wife or friends in situations where I have been able to see and enjoy the flowers myself and can personally vouch for her consistent quality, execution and artistic talent."

- - -

"Elizabeth Ryan is my go-to florist for all occasions. For over a decade she has created the most magnificent arrangements for my friends and family. Her designs are always perfect for both happy times -- birthdays, promotions, and holidays -- as well as  sad times -- sending sympathy or wishes for speedy recoveries. No one else in New York compares, and as Elizabeth always says, "I'll take good care of this and make something really special." I never have to worry, she always does!"

- - -

"Elizabeth Ryan is a really great florist. I often need arrangements for high end fashion film shoot green rooms. A co-worker recommended her, and she is now my go to florist for all my work and personal floral needs.  All of her arrangements have been beautiful and delivered on time. I just placed a V-Day order with her and apparently they were the talk of my fiancé's office."

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